Country stars Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have been friendly rivals on TV singing shows and the charts — but the dynamic changed when Blake called Luke’s music “stupid” in front of an arena packed with fans.

During a recent concert in Birmingham, Alabama, the God’s Country bumpkin told the crowd he had lost his voice earlier in the day and that a doctor recommended he ask everyone in the house to sing along to his songs to spare his vocal cords.

“I know what he’s talking about ’cause I’ve been to Luke Bryan concerts many times and people are signing every damn word to his songs,” said Blake before adding, “but his songs are stupid!”

To add insult to injury, the 46-year-old Voice coach did an awkward little jig on the stage and cracked, “That was my impersonation of Luke dancing.”

A friend said Luke, also 46, turned bright red when he saw a video of Blake’s performance.

“Blake and Luke are always ragging on each other, but Luke felt Blake took it too far,” spilled the friend. “It hurts Luke that even though he’s a big country star, people always slam him for being lightweight ‘Bro country,’ and Blake as just playing that up for a laugh at his expense.”

American Idol judge Luke was apparently primed to start firing back.

“He says Blake is no Hank Williams himself when it comes to his songs,” dished the friend, “so he should put a sock in it!” has reached out to Blake and Luke’s reps for comment.

His friendship with Luke isn’t the only one allegedly suffering.

As this outlet reported, Blake’s pals are concerned he’s “suffering from burnout” by trying to balance a full work schedule and his marriage to Gwen Stefani.

“When they started dating, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other,” said a pal. “But the spark started disappearing after their wedding. It seems like they argue constantly now — they’ve even slept in separate bedrooms after particularly bad fights,” a source said last month.

“Friends are worried Gwen and Blake are falling out of love.”

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