More details are coming out about what life is like for Josh Duggar while he’s serving out his 12-plus year sentence. Days ago, the news broke that his prison sentence had been extended, followed by another report that it was extended for a second time.

Now, reports indicate Duggar has some other interesting things happening behind those walls — including a “love interest.”

After apparently getting caught with a contraband cell phone last week, Without a Crystal Ball, citing “a source whose loved one is inside with Josh,” shared Duggar has been moved to the “Special Housing Unit” – aka solitary confinement.

And according to that source, Duggar will be in solitary for 75 days.

“His discipline was allegedly 75 days in the SHU,” Without a Crystal Ball reported. In addition, Duggar will also have to go “180 days without commissary, phone, email (if he gets email access) and visitors.”

The insider also gave details on what led to the disciplinary consequences and how the cell phone came into his possession.

According to the source, Duggar was “caught” using a “rented” phone.

The source said Josh was working on his “appeal” when he was found with the contraband phone.

“Inmates apparently rent out phones for use as a side hustle to make income on the inside,” the source indicated. “Josh did not have the money to afford $2200 to buy his own phone.”

Duggar will also have to pay back the “debt owed for the ‘rented’ phone…”

The source also offered some insight into how Anna is handling all of this.

While we’ve seen her take the kids to visit their dad in prison, the source that spoke to Without a Crystal Ball says Anna is starting to pull away.

“Anna is allegedly pulling away and not sending him as much money, books, or gifts,” the source alleged.

“She’s not helping him out and is already ‘burning out.’”

Things aren’t going well for Duggar or Anna.

“The source said that Josh allegedly speaks pretty arrogantly about his wife Anna,” Without a Crystal Ball shared. “The source said, ‘Josh tells people that she will never leave him because she has to stay and because he’s Josh Duggar, it’s gross.’”

The source explained that they “see Anna divorcing Josh within a few years…” which would be understandable.

The source also says that no one likes Duggar, and the rumors of his poor behavior are true.

“Josh is apparently not well liked at all,” the source alleged, “and walks around like he’s a big time celebrity.”

“Josh Duggar’s crass and perverse jokes about sex and women has also made many uncomfortable,” the source continued. “He apparently has ‘no filter’ and people feel ‘creeped out’ by him.”

Plus, the rumors of Duggar being fired from his job in prison are true, according to the source. “Josh was allegedly fired for his arrogance and non-compliant attitude.”

Adding, “Oh and Josh is apparently not keeping it secret that he has a love interest on the inside.”

“According to the source, Josh Duggar was allegedly using his ‘rented’ phone to not only call his wife Anna but to also call his boo in another building,” the insider said.

“Josh has not kept his alleged affection for his new sweetie a secret & his behavior has upset inmates in his building,” Without a Crystal Ball continued.

“While some inmates will get down and dirty while they are locked up, the source says most keep this secret to avoid retaliation on the yard.”

Of course, this is unverified but Without a Crystal Ball has been right before with their insider details.

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