Rebecca Jones, a Mexican-American actress who starred in many popular telenovelas, has died at age 65 following a long battle with ovarian cancer and lung problems.

Jones died peacefully surrounded by her loved ones, a representative for the actress said in a statement.

“Rebecca Jones left in peace and with deep gratitude to her audience for whom she worked all her life,” the statement read.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jones posted a series of photos on Instagram to showcase the premiere of the film Nothing to See.

“How nice it is to know that so many people love me,” she wrote in the caption on March 5.

She let her followers know that she could not attend the premiere as she was in intensive care for a lung infection.

During a career that spanned 40 years, Jones is remembered for her roles in Who Killed Sara?, La Casa de Las Flores, Doña Flor and Her Two Husbands, May God Forgive You, and Señora Acero.

The beloved actress was born in Mexico City in 1957 but moved to Southern California as a young girl.

She studied at Saddleback College, the South Coast Actors Corporation, and the University of Southern California.

After several years of working as a waitress, Jones moved back to Mexico in 1981, where she got her start as an actress two years later when she landed a role in the telenovela El Coleccionista.

Jones was married to actor Alejandro Camacho for 25 years.

The couple starred in many productions together and shared one child, Maximiliano Camacho Jones.

Back in 2019, Jones was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, spurring a complicated health battle.

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