In the words of Jane Fonda, “It’s never too late” — especially when it comes to owning a vibrator.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Fonda, 85, implied that she uses a sex toy to unwind — and even gifted Barrymore one.

Fonda appeared on the show alongside her “80 for Brady” co-star Lily Tomlin.

“I heard, Jane, you relax with, like, baths and meditations,” Barrymore said during the segment. “Is it true that there also might be an adult toy involved?”

“There is,” Fonda confirmed of her self-love ritual.

The “Monster-in-Law” star even divulged where she keeps them.

“There’s my bed, there’s my dresser, and in the top dresser drawer, you would freak out if you saw what’s in there,” Fonda joked.

Fonda gifted Barrymore with her own "adult toy," which she jokingly held up to her ear like a phone.
Fonda gifted Barrymore with her own “adult toy,” which she jokingly held up to her ear like a phone.

The Post reached out to both Barrymore’s and Fonda’s reps for comment.

Barrymore then teased that she “needed help” in that department and asked Fonda for some guidance. Fonda jokingly responded that she would give her some advice, but they needed to get out of the room first.

But it looks like Fonda already helped her out. During the segment, she gave Barrymore an “adult toy” — a blue-and-white vibrator that came in a white box topped with a yellow bow.

When Barrymore opened the present, she held the vibrator up to her ear like she was on the phone.

This isn’t the first time that Fonda has spoken about her sex life. Last year, she appeared on an episode of Andy Cohen’s radio show on SiriusXM, “Andy Cohen Live,” and did not hold back when talking about what she likes in the bedroom.

“We waste way too much time not wanting to say: ‘Wait a minute, hold it, hold it, no, no, no. Slow down, and a little to the left.’ We don’t want to do that,” Fonda told Cohen.

She continued, “But when we get older, it’s like: ‘No, I know what I want. Give me what I want.’”

When Cohen asked her one word that she would use to characterize her current sex life, she responded, “Private, solo.”

In 2021, the “Grace and Frankie” actress told Vanity Fair that she would only want to have a “sexual relationship” again if it was with a younger man.

Fonda joked that "You would freak out if you saw what's in there," referring to her nightstand.
Fonda joked, “You would freak out if you saw what’s in there,” referring to her nightstand.

Fonda’s appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show” comes just a few months after she announced that her cancer is in remission.

In September, she went public with her diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and said that she had been undergoing chemo for six months,

She revealed that her cancer was no longer in a blog post on her website in December.

“Last week I was told by my oncologist that my cancer is in remission and I can discontinue chemo,” Fonda wrote.

“I am feeling so blessed, so fortunate. I thank all of you who prayed and sent good thoughts my way. I am confident that it played a role in the good news.”

Her latest project, “80 for Brady,” which chronicles a group of older women who travel together to see Tom Brady play in the 2017 Super Bowl, is now playing in theaters.

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