Tiger Woods’ inner circle fears his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman could win her $30 million lawsuit demanding her NDA with the pro-golfer be voided — which sources said would be a “nightmare of epic proportions,” RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to sources close to the situation, Tiger’s friends believe Erica plans to trash him publicly if the court allows her to speak without fear of legal consequences.

Herman signed a non-disclosure agreement with Woods after they started dating in 2017. The two met when Herman worked as a manager of Woods’ Florida restaurant.

As RadarOnline.com first reported, last year, Herman and Woods broke up, but she remained living in the home. She claimed that the athlete promised her during the relationship that she could stay in his mega-mansion for a certain number of years.

Herman said Woods’ team tricked into taking a short vacation. After she arrived at the airport, his team informed her she was locked out of Wood’s home and could not return.

In her suit, she claimed she had 5 years left on the agreement. In addition, she wanted the NDA thrown out claiming it was improper. Woods denied ever making the promise to Herman and has demanded the case be moved to arbitration.

As RadarOnline.com first reported, Herman recently amended her lawsuit asking if the court does uphold the NDA, and if she would be allowed to speak about information, she learned prior to executing the agreement.

Sources close to Woods are concerned about where the dispute will end. A source said, “Erica’s told PGA player’s wives and girlfriends despite all his injuries, Tiger still has a voracious sexual appetite.”

“If Erica goes public with Tiger’s darkest secrets, it would be “a nightmare of epic proportions” for the 15-time major championship winner, who’s become a poster child for bad behavior.

“It seems she’s mad as h— and looking to hand him out to dry,” said an insider. “He and his legal team will defend him from the rooftops and plan on fighting fire with fire, but he’s freaking out over what she may say if she wins this judgment.”

“Erica could finish him once and for all if she is free to tell everything she knows,” said the insider. “Tiger is in a fight to save himself from drowning in bad publicity and losing everything he has.”