American Idol fans expressed their fear for the host, as well as their excitement to watch the accident happen during the show.

On Sunday night’s episode of the ABC singing competition, Ryan Seacrest, 48, attempted to ride a Onewheel skateboard on set.

A Onewheel is a motorized, self-balancing electric skateboard that is designed with a single wheel in the middle of the board and front and rear footpads on either side.

In the scene, an apprehensive, bicycle helmet-clad Ryan is shown riding a contestant’s board inside the audition room.

The competitor covers her mouth in shock as the radio host wobbles past crew members and backlit standees of past American Idol winners.

She yells: “You’re doing great!” at the unsteady host as Ryan jokingly replies, “I probably look fantastic.”

As the Live with American Top 40 host neared the confines of the room, the participant asked: “Do you remember how to dismount?”

Her question is immediately answered as Ryan stumbled off the motorized board and responded: “Yep!” as it crashed into the large sign of singer Adam Lambert, 41, pushing the poster into the wall behind it.

With the damage done, Ryan called back: “Got it! No problem,” before turning back at Adam’s poster and quipping, “Sorry Lambert!”

In the post’s comment section, one person wrote: “Ha! Can’t wait to see this!!”

Another fan commented: “That’s awesome.”

“So looking forward almost time. Can’t wait,” added a third.

While a fourth commenter jokingly stated: “Rolling into the last auditions.”


Last week, Ryan was shocked that his Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host could remember a detail about the show from 14 years ago.

On Thursday’s show, the hosts played Grow For It Spring Trivia.

The episode’s caller was Sheila Menge from Wood-Ridge, New Jersey.

After Ryan asked her how she was doing, Kelly Ripa, 52, asked her if she had seen her before.

“You look familiar,” the host said, as a picture of the guest was shown on the screen.

“Let’s say this,” the caller said. “Back in 2009, you guys did a make-over for me.”

“Oh my Gosh!” Kelly said, sitting up in her chair and throwing her arms up.

Ryan freaked out and yelled: “What is going on in that head of yours that you remember that?”

“Pluto is entering Aquarius,” Kelly said. “And Pluto has given me my memory back.”

“Somehow….” Ryan said, shocked.

“The memory is back!” he said. “Well, great. Good to have you back with us.”

He joked: “I too thought you looked familiar.”

Ryan was not on the show at that point, as it was still Kelly and Regis Philbin.

The Live! host then went on with the game as Kelly looked proud of herself.


It shouldn’t have shocked Ryan that Kelly remembered that detail because they have such a close relationship.

They flexed their friendship on the show earlier this week.

Kelly and Ryan suffered a wardrobe blunder as they labeled themselves “lumbersexuals.”

Early on in the show, the American Idol host divulged the details of his relationship with the former soap opera actress and how it’s evolved.

“We’ve become closer and closer to the same person with every minute that goes by,” Ryan said before he showed “evidence” that supported his statement.

The radio host then shared a snap of him and the All My Children alum in almost matching outfits.

In the photo, both Ryan and Kelly wore plaid shirts, jeans, and gray shoes.

The only differing factor in the shirts that the media personalities wore was their color; Ryan’s shirt was red and blue, and Kelly’s was straight dark gray.

“This is proof that we’ve become one,” Ryan said as he referenced the pic.

“That’s how we both came into work today, literally the same outfit.”

Kelly joked that she and Ryan were “lumbersexuals” since they were both dressed as a stereotypical lumberman.

She also noted that they had the “same size feet.”

Kelly’s eyes appeared sad as she and Ryan opened up about their friendship despite her smiling.

Meanwhile, Ryan looked joyous, making the most of his time left on Live!

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