Sally Field exchanged words with longtime friend Jane Fonda — and her reason for doing so has fans in stitches.

While promoting their new film 80 for Brady in late January, the two joined cast mates Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno for a quiz show-like segment about various topics. What was meant to be a light-hearted moment turned into an eye-opening experience for Sally, when Jane kept guessing the correct answers on Trixie Mattel’s game show Who Is She?!. After she hit a winning streak during the “Fictional Females” category, Sally proceeded to accuse Jane of something no one would’ve thought of.

“Hey, wait a minute!” she exclaimed in the clip, stopping the segment for a second and turning to the Grace and Frankie star. “Did you see these questions before, Jane?”

Despite Jane saying “no” to the Mrs. Doubtfire actress, it didn’t stop there. When the game category switched to the subject of positions on a football team, Jane once again got the question right with the answer “tight ends.” Jane later credited Sally for teaching her the term earlier on The Kelly Clarkson Show, which didn’t sit well with the Oscar winner.

What’s more, she asked to get her own points because she taught Jane what a tight end was. “I told her!” she screamed into the camera. “I should get half the points… [but] I don’t want her half of the points though. I wanna earn my own points or have no points at all.”

Naturally, fans couldn’t get over seeing Sally so distraught about the entire interaction. They quickly ran to the comments to voice how hilarious the moment was.

“I was not expecting the glorious chaotic competitiveness of Sally Field. 4 absolute legends,” one person wrote on YouTube. “Sally Field having a meltdown the entire time is sending me 🤣,” another laughed. “Sally’s chaotic energy is me on a Monday,” a different user added.

Watch the clip here: