Arnold Schwarzenegger has built up a charisma of his own, with his movie roles and real-life style. With his expensive cars, sunglasses, and cigars, he exudes a luxurious vibe even in his mid-70s. But this charm is often intimidating, as his son-in-law Chris Pratt noted in a recent interview.

Hollywood star Chris Pratt recently sat down with talk show host Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Super Mario Bros. While his conversation ranged from anecdotes about his family to his new releases, the star didn’t leave his father-in-law out of the conversation.

By now, the world knows Arnie’s obsession with cigars. The actor has always had his stogie around and was famously introduced to it by his father-in-law, Sargent Shriver. Ever since then, he likes to smoke one to relax and offers one to people around him as well. History came a full circle when Schwarzenegger offered one to his son-in-law, Chris Pratt.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Pratt opened up about his father-in-law and his style. When the host asked if Pratt ever smoked with Schwarzenegger, he laughed and affirmed that he did. But what followed the in-laws’ bonding session was not quite pleasant. Pratt, who has asthma, was peer pressured into smoking a cigar.

Although all in good jest, the Marvel star recalled, ” I go and I smoke the cigar and I’m like, “This is good. Hmm. Oh, yeah. Cohiba? Nice.” And then woke up the next day. Massive lung infection. But — Worth it”. The thing with Arnold, according to his son-in-law, was that he was so good at persuasion that his commands went beyond peer pressure.

Despite all this, Schwarzenegger’s love for his cigars never goes old. Apart from his father, even his ex-wife Maria Shriver once went to extreme lengths to get him the best kind of gift.

Knowing his love for Cuban cigars, Maria Shriver once went overboard and gifted her then-husband something unique, luxurious, and illegal! The journalist had gone to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro. And there, she found the perfect gift.

Peter Kent, Arnold’s stunt double, remembered the incident. He recalled Shriver bringing the star boxes of rare cigars, and explained, “four boxes of Trinidads came in. You can imagine the value of those cigars. Not only were they expensive cigars to begin with, but they were from Fidel’s private stock”. It turns out Shriver got boxes of Trinidad cigars for her husband gifted by Castro himself.

Watch the interview below: