A new documentary titled “The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor” alleges that Queen Elizabeth rejected her uncle King Edward VIII’s final request to have his wife, Wallis Simpson, styled as Her Royal Highness. The Duke of Windsor’s former nurse, Julie Alexander, shared her memories of the emotional exchange during a final meeting between the Duke of Windsor and the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles in Paris in May 1972.

Alexander recounted how the Duke of Windsor, who was suffering from throat cancer and weighed only 80 lbs., insisted on sitting up in a chair and wearing clothes to hide any tubes during the visit. During the meeting, the Duke of Windsor asked his niece to elevate his wife, Wallis, to the HRH title. However, the Queen denied the request, breaking the Duke of Windsor’s heart, according to Alexander.

The Duke of Windsor had already been made the Duke of Windsor after relinquishing his right to the throne, and Wallis became the Duchess of Windsor when they married in 1937. However, the couple was disappointed that Edward’s brother, King George VI, and later, Queen Elizabeth, never gave Wallis the HRH title. For Edward, the title was essential, and not having it for his wife was a slap in his face.

Ten days after the meeting, Edward died at home in Paris. His body was transported back to England and buried beside Frogmore Mausoleum at Windsor Castle, with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attending the small, private burial.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey appeared in the documentary to provide context behind the Queen’s decision to deny her uncle the royal styling for Wallis. He explained that the King’s decision to put his marriage before the monarchy had forced a crisis upon the nation and his brother. Understanding this background, according to Carey, was essential to understanding the Queen’s decision.

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor is a five-episode series that will premiere on ITVX on April 20. The documentary sheds light on the inner workings of the royal family and offers a glimpse into some of the most significant events in recent British history.