Janice Dickinson has been forced to withdraw from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here‘s new All Stars season after she reportedly suffered “horrific head injuries” on set.

The former supermodel, 68, was reportedly rushed to the hospital after she tripped over a cable in the dark in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, where the current season is being filmed.

Although Dickinson has not publicly commented on the alleged incident, a source told The Sun that it’s believed the model was looking for one of the base camp’s open-air toilets, located behind a curtain roughly 100 feet from where the nine contestants sleep, when she became disoriented and tripped over something, possibly a TV cable.

According to the source, “Everyone was woken by a sickening thud. A few of the campmates ran towards the noise and found Janice face down.” When her fellow contestants found her, Dickinson “seemed to be semi-conscious on the ground” and “blood was gushing from her head and she was covered in dirt and dust.”

“A crowd formed and one of the campmates had to ask everyone to stand back to give her space to breathe. The lights finally came on and one of the production crew took one look at Janice and immediately called for a medic,” the source continued. “The injuries were severe enough that she had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. The on-set medics are very good but this needed her going to a fully equipped hospital. There were fears that she had suffered a cracked skull but she was later given the all-clear by doctors.”

The Sun reports that Dickinson was led with a head wound, a concussion, a black eye, bruised cheeks, a split lip, and fractures to her hands.

Although the incident occurred towards the final stages of filming last August and September, and Dickinson was said to “have been one of the favorites to win,” she was forced to “miss the rest of the competition” due to her injuries.

At this time, the incident has not been mentioned in publicity for the pre-recorded show, and it is unclear if any of it will be shown on the three-week series, which is set to premiere on ITV on April 24.

Along with Dickinson’s this season’s celebrity contestants include Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, actress Helen Flanagan, cricket legend Phil Tufnell, former royal butler Paul Burrell, TV host Carol Vorderman, DJ Jordan Banjo, athletics star Fatima Whitbread, and boxer Amir Khan.

The show is hosted by Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly and was filmed in Kruger National Park, located approximately 250 miles from Johannesburg.

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