Andy Ruiz is being accused of some disgusting crimes.

The former heavyweight boxing champion is accused of raping and abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Julia Lemus has been granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order after alleging that the 33-year-old Ruiz “sexually, physically, and psychologically abused me, making me feel like I had to walk on eggshells around him” during their relationship, according to TMZ.

The 26-year-old filed for the restraining order in San Diego on April 6, and accused Ruiz of physically and emotionally abusing their two children as well, according to the report. She also accused Ruiz of abusing alcohol and drugs, which caused her to “fear for my life and safety and the lives and safety of my children.”

Andy Ruiz’s ex got a temporary restraining order against the star boxer and claims he r*ped, abused and terrorized her, but he strongly denies the allegations

Most notably, she accused the boxer of “jokingly” punching her several times and leaving her with bruises.

“He began grabbing me by my upper arms and physically yanking me in order to move me wherever he wanted me to go,” she said.

She further alleged Ruiz pointed an AK-47 at her face after she told him she was uncomfortable with Ruiz purchasing several guns and attempting to show them to her.

“[He[ told me to ‘shut the f*ck up,’ and then noted that the guns did not have bullets in them and mocked me by telling me I was being dramatic.”

Ruiz and Lemus were together from 2015 to 2022. During their relationship, the former couple welcomed two children into the world.

Ruiz has denied all allegations and is claiming to be the victim. In February 2020, he says that Lemus stabbed him with a knife. Two months later, Ruiz claims that Lemus entered his hotel room “with a loaded gun in her hand, and screamed, ‘everybody get the f*ck out of here.’”

From there, Ruiz says that she hit one of his friends in the head with the gun and proceeded to break property.

Not once did I ever engage in any physical response to Julia’s assault,” Ruiz stated.

Ruiz has also filed a police report claiming that his wife stole upwards of $250,000 in jewelry from him.

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