An elderly couple was terrorized by criminals who tied them up as they ransacked their Bel-Air home. The traumatic home burglary occurred at the 1300 block of Casiano Road around 1:00 AM on Saturday.

The robbers attacked the elderly man, striking him in the head with an unknown object as they restrained his wife.

Making sure to leave no trace of their terrifying acts, the crooks doused the couple’s home in bleach before they fled the premises.

Police were still searching for answers — and the suspects — after Saturday’s incident. Authorities have called on the community for help identifying the suspects while they combed through home security footage for potential information.

Authorities were called to the scene hours after they made entry. Upon law enforcement’s arrival, they found a man in his 70s and his wife in her 60s both injured.

A neighbor who spoke with the couple’s son relayed the traumatizing event in detail to local news.

“I did meet their son this morning and he was very concerned and upset,” neighbor Amy Rahbar told KTLA. “His mom was watching TV and she had the door cracked open.”

The crooks took advantage of the Bel-Air home’s open door to enter the residence, unleashing hours of fear onto the unsuspecting couple.

“They put a bag over her head and they went in for four hours and they bleached everything for fingerprints,” the neighbor continued.

It was unknown if the couple was targeted due to living in Bel-Air, a neighborhood known for its wealth.

“They’re lovely neighbors and it’s unfortunate to hear what’s going on,” the neighbor added.

As the suspects made their way out of the house, taking with them an unknown amount of valuables, they attempted to destroy any evidence of their crime. Bleach was used to wipe down the home in hopes of removing any identifying forensics.

The neighbor shared that the elderly couple often watched their grandchildren, but they were not present when the break-in took place.

The couple sustained non-life-threatening injuries. They were not taken to the hospital.

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