Owen Wilson needs a new pair of pajamas, because police say a homeless man got into the actor’s house and promptly threw on some of Owen’s sleepwear.

Law enforcement explains, the man ended up inside Owen’s Santa Monica home Tuesday night, rummaging through the house before slipping into a pair of the actor’s pj’s.

We’re told Owen’s assistant came home to discover the intruder, coming face-to-face with the man before they both booked it out of the house in separate directions.

Owen’s assistant called Santa Monica PD, and cops rushed over with lights and sirens blaring, setting up a perimeter and nabbing the suspect in a nearby yard, still wearing Owen’s duds.

Police say it doesn’t appear the man took anything else from the home. The guy was booked on felony burglary.

We’re told cops believe the suspect didn’t know it was Owen’s home.

Owen’s Santa Monica estate has been the site of some brazen crimes before.

As TMZ also reported, Owen parked his Tesla on the street outside his place last summer and walked out to find someone had made off with the car’s tires and rims.