Zedd knows how to crank out tunes — and apparently babies. Reportedly a woman went into labor at his Nevada show over the weekend and gave birth.

The Grammy award-winning musician was performing at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas Saturday when a pregnant fan urgently needed to deliver near the stage.

An on-site medical team assisted the woman and rushed her to a hospital, where her infant girl was delivered.

After his performance, Zedd heard about the baby drama and took to Twitter to track down the woman. Zedd wrote, “I heard someone gave birth at the stage DURING MY SHOW. Can someone pls help me find the person? I’d like to reach out!” Zedd got it wrong … the woman gave birth at the hospital, but close enough.

Cristina Celis

Zedd got a response Monday night from none other than the new mom herself, Cristina Celis.

Celis tweeted a photo of herself cradling her newborn daughter in a hospital chair with a caption that read, “It was me.” She added her baby is “safe, happy and healthy,” and thanked the first aid team for their help. The new parents decided to change her middle name to Daisy.

Ecstatic, Zedd responded, “CONGRATS!!!!! So happy you’re both healthy and that I had the honor to be the soundtrack.”