So what they’re saying is…that didn’t impress them much?

Shania Twain is BACK as the ’90s country icon recently embarked on her first tour in five years when she kicked off her Queen of Me World Tour last month.

Tickets sold out so fast after Shania announced the tour that she had to add more dates as fans jumped at the chance to see the Queen of Pop Country.

But a month into the tour, it seems like quite a few fans are leaving the shows disappointed and confused – and many are even leaving early.

Videos posted from recent concerts show fans flocking out in droves while the superstar is still on the stage.


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One video called the show a “trainwreck” as people flooding out of the concert in the middle of the show. (Really missed the opportunity to make a “Twainwreck” joke, but whatever).

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And yet another video showed a seemingly bizarre moment from Shania as she was chanting on stage, with the concertgoer commenting that the show was “not the experience I was expecting.”

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And the comments are just as brutal.

While there are people defending her and saying that she put on an awesome show, others are questioning whether she was drunk or high, accusing Shania of lip-syncing, and saying they too left the show early.

“Just left Seattle show and I am baffled. She was off. Lip syncing and talking weird.”

“Okay…I couldn’t figure out if she was drunk or high but she was horrible. Glad we weren’t the only ones who thought it.”

“I was at this concert last night. It was indeed disappointing and not just because of her new songs. It was disappointing as a whole.”

“All I see is a crazy aunt who took over the mic whilst drunk at a reception.”

Of course, Shania has faced a number of medical issues over the years, publicly revealing her battle with Lyme disease that forced her to undergo throat surgery and affected her voice.

But it seems like her voice isn’t the biggest complaint that people are having on her current tour.

Tough scene for one of the most iconic country acts of the ’90s.

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