A bizarre incident in Port Orange, Florida led to the arrest of a man who threw a piece of lunch meat at a police officer.

The incident, captured on video and shared by the Port Orange Police Department on Facebook, unfolded after the officer responded to a disturbance at a local smoke shop. The man, identified as William Busi, had been causing trouble and making customers uncomfortable.

The situation escalated when Busi became confrontational with the officer, resulting in him throwing the meat and subsequently being apprehended. This article provides an overview of the incident and highlights the unusual behavior exhibited by the individual involved.

The Disturbance and Confrontation:

The incident began when a clerk inside a smoke shop called the police to report a disturbance caused by Busi, who had been bothering her and the customers.

The officer approached Busi outside the shop, where he claimed he had previously spent time in prison and was considering legal action against law enforcement. The conversation grew heated as Busi questioned the officer about potential lawsuits and displayed aggressive behavior.

Threats and Provocation:

During the exchange, Busi made threats towards the officer, challenging him to a physical altercation and boasting about his supposed black belts in Karate and Judo.

His attempts at provoking the officer escalated further when he slammed his sandwich down and threw a piece of deli meat at the officer, striking him in the chest. Despite the officer’s warnings, Busi continued to exhibit aggressive and confrontational behavior.

Arrest and Legal Consequences:

The officer promptly arrested Busi for battery of a law enforcement officer. Handcuffed and escorted to the police vehicle, Busi continued to make empty threats of legal action against the officer and boasted about his imminent release from custody.

His actions, including disrupting the smoke shop and making threats towards both the clerk and the officer, led to the battery charge and his subsequent arrest.

Lessons Learned and Facebook Response:

The Port Orange Police Department shared the video of the incident on Facebook as a cautionary reminder to the public about behaviors that are likely to backfire in their city.

The post humorously highlighted the series of ill-advised actions taken by Busi, including disrupting businesses, making threats, falsely claiming expertise in martial arts, and resorting to throwing deli meat at an officer. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential legal consequences individuals may face when engaging in confrontational and disruptive behavior towards law enforcement.