In a shocking and disturbing incident, three teenagers have been arrested after allegedly stealing and subsequently killing a beloved swan in a community in upstate New York over the Memorial Day weekend.

The incident has left the town of Manlius, a suburb of Syracuse, in a state of disbelief and grief.

The story unfolds as authorities provide details of the gruesome act committed by the teenagers, who callously slaughtered the swan and consumed it.

Details of the Swan Slaying:

According to the Town of Manlius Police Department, the iconic swan named Faye and her four cygnets were reported missing following a Memorial Day parade.

Sadly, it was discovered that Faye had been killed over the weekend. Police Sergeant Ken Hatter revealed that the teenagers sneaked into the pond area under the cover of darkness and attacked the bird as she nested.

Shockingly, they were able to capture and kill Faye, mistaking her for a large duck.

The Disturbing Aftermath:

After the senseless act, the teenagers brought the remains of the swan to the home of one of their aunts, where they proceeded to cook and consume the bird.

The four cygnets were fortunately found unharmed and are now under the care of a biologist responsible for their wellbeing.

Arrests and Charges:

Thanks to the vigilance of a concerned citizen who spotted two baby swans in a store in nearby Salina, authorities were alerted and swift action was taken.

One of the suspects, a juvenile who was working at the store, admitted to taking the birds along with two other teenagers.

They claimed to have intended to raise the swans as pets and had no plans to consume them.

The three teenagers were arrested on Tuesday and are now facing charges, including grand larceny and criminal mischief, for their involvement in this appalling incident.

The Significance of Swans in Manlius:

For over a century, Manlius has cherished its swans, with the village pond serving as a symbolic local landmark.

Swans have become an integral part of the community’s identity, featured on signs and banners throughout the village.

Mayor Paul Whorrall expressed his devastation over the loss of Faye and highlighted the importance of swans in the village’s culture.

Future Concerns and Precautions:

Mayor Whorrall expressed concern about Faye’s partner, Manny, who may need to be relocated due to the potential emotional impact of losing his lifelong companion.

Swans form monogamous bonds, and the loss of Faye could lead to erratic behavior from Manny.

Furthermore, the safety of the cygnets upon their return to the pond is a priority, as Mayor Whorrall emphasized the need for their protection.

Community Outpouring:

The heartbreaking news of the swan’s killing has generated an outpouring of sadness and disbelief from community members and social media users.

Many are devastated by the loss of these cherished creatures, emphasizing their significance not only to the village of Manlius but to the entire community.

Ensuring a Safe Future:

In response to this appalling incident, measures are being implemented to safeguard the swans and the pond.

Security cameras will be installed to provide enhanced surveillance and protection.

Mayor Whorrall assured the public that the community’s dedication to preserving the presence of swans in Manlius remains unwavering.