Jennifer Hudson’s popular talk show is going through a behind-the-scenes shakeup as the daytime personality prepares for a second season.

Some staffers are “walking on eggshells” as the Dreamgirls star cuts some employees she inherited from Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and brought her assistant, Walter Williams III, and publicist, Lisa Kasteler, on board to join the team as executive producers.

“Instead of hiring proven people with experience, she’s choosing friends,” a source snitched. “Many of them don’t know what they are doing.”

The pink slips included multiple producers, despite solid ratings in the first season, has been told. Her show averaged roughly 5.2 million weekly viewers.

“Her team gave her a good leg up on her first TV show and this is the thanks they get?” a shocked source with insider knowledge complained. “The reason she’s getting a second season at all is because of them!”

Some have compared the behind-the-scenes “bloodbath” to what happened on the set of Sherri Shepherd’s show, pointing out that she had several members of Wendy Williams’ staff and sent them packing ahead of her show’s second season.

A rep for Hudson’s show told Page Six the claims are “misconstrued,” explaining that it’s “typical for a show to make adjustments after a debut season, however, nearly 95 percent of the staff and crew are being asked to return.”

Hudson previously teased that her camp has more great content for viewers up their sleeves following the reboot announcement. “Working on this show alongside my incredible team and our amazing partners has been one of the greatest joys of my career,” she gushed.

Meanwhile, some are concerned the work environment is going to change too much. “Whoever is whispering in Jennifer’s ear is giving her terrible advice,” said a source.

“If she continues to bounce the people who are responsible for her early success, she’s setting herself up for future failure!”

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