Actor Tyler James Williams has rushed to court pleading for protection against a man he claimed drove 2200 miles to his home in an attempt to talk to him.

According to court documents, Williams asked the court to sign off on a restraining order against an unidentified man. The actor listed him as “John Doe” in the petition.

The Abbott Elementary star claimed Doe has been tried repeatedly to contact him on Instagram.

“In his direct messages to me, he revealed a history of past trauma, social abandonment, and the need for medication. He seems unstable and is also delusional since he believes we have a relationship,” Williams wrote.

“His messages and erratic behavior have placed me in fear for myself and have caused me to suffer substantial emotional distress. His conduct would “cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress,” he wrote.

The situation turned scary when the man allegedly drove cross-country to find him.

“On September l, 2023, (the man) trespassed into my secure apartment building and continuously rang my ring doorbell at least 30 times over a 4-hour period. He also attempted to open a window adjacent to my front door,” the filing, obtained by The Blast, reads.

“Through an investigation, I learned that he traveled over 2200 miles to contact me and then trespassed inside my secure apartment building. Once inside the building, he repeatedly banged on my door while asking me to open my door,” he said.

The actor said the incident was captured on his Ring camera. Doe reportedly told Williams, “I paid for a flight back…I will be back and I won’t be scared.”

Williams said he is “terrified and concerned” the person will show up to his home again. The star said he fears the alleged stalker could cause him “physical harm.”

The actor said he has yet to return to his apartment since the incident occurred.

Williams’ petition asked the judge to order Doe to stay 100 yards away from him. The actor said he informed security at his building to let the man know he doesn’t want to talk.

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