China’s Great Wall has long been seen as a representation of the country’s tenacity and resiliency throughout history. It is a beloved cultural monument and a United Nations protected heritage site. Throughout history, it has resisted invasions by the Manchus, Genghis Khan, and several other groups. The most recent breach of this antiquated marvel, however, was caused by two construction workers named Zheng and Wang who looked for a way around the wall.

The Violation:

Two people were recently detained by Chinese officials for their bold decision to destroy a part of the Great Wall. This event happened in a distant, run-down area of the wall, far from the painstakingly renovated sections that are visited by the majority of international and Chinese tourists.

Photographs released by the state media showed a dirt road cutting through the old wall in Youyu County, hundreds of kilometers west of Beijing, with a backdrop of rural landscape. A 38-year-old guy with the surname Zheng and a 55-year-old lady with the surname Wang have been identified as the suspects. According to reports, they wanted to make their construction work in neighboring towns more convenient by creating a quicker path.

The Historical Significance of the Great Wall:

The Great Wall, an architectural wonder that stretches about 8,850 kilometers (5,500 miles), is something that China is extremely proud of. This enormous building, which was mostly constructed during the Ming era, has come to represent China’s fortitude and defensive ability. But the Ming dynasty came to an end in 1644 when the Manchu tribespeople from the north broke through China’s walls, ushering in the Qing dynasty.

Over the ages, the nearby peasants abandoned and stole bricks and stones from the Great Wall. It was only given new life and vigor by the Communist regime, which turned it into a representation of unity, patriotism, and defiance of outside forces.

UNESCO Acknowledgment:

The Great Wall is acknowledged by UNESCO as a remarkable example of the interaction between the agricultural and nomadic cultures that existed in ancient China. The wall is a monument to China’s exceptional military construction, science, and art from antiquity, as well as the strategic genius of the central empires.

The Reaction:

As soon as the Youyu County government learned of the breach on August 24, it took immediate action. Zheng and Wang, the two suspects, are currently being held while more judicial actions are pending.