The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, 67, decided to try her hand at the cannabis industry again and has poured a fortune into a new marijuana business.

The 67-year-old launched her latest venture, recreational cannabis line Emma & Clyde — and insiders claimed she’s vying to become Hollywood’s weed queen.

Goldberg was apparently committed to her new business and wasn’t afraid to blow through millions in an attempt to ensure its success.

“She’s making this venture her priority and sinking millions of her own money into it,” an insider said of the Sister Act star.

The last time Goldberg dabbled in the cannabis biz was 2016, when she set her sights on a medical marijuana company. Unfortunately, Goldberg’s combustible relationship with then-girlfriend Maya Elisabeth allegedly acted as a catalyst to the company’s demise.

In an effort to avoid getting burned this go-around, Goldberg was allegedly keeping things all in the family and enlisted the help of her daughter, Alex Martin, as well as her granddaughter, Amara Skye.

Goldberg allegedly felt “only family” could be trusted.

Goldberg’s new business followed reports that the comedian was done with her long-running daytime talk show and was itching to free herself from her post on The View. Loyal viewers were quick to notice Goldberg’s absence during majority of the trailer for the latest season — and even called the show out on X, then-Twitter, for scaring them with the thought of Goldberg not being a permanent fixture on the show.

Over the show’s infighting but stuck in her contract, insider claimed those closest to Goldberg warned her to not “go overboard” with her new venture.

“People are telling her not to go overboard, but she’s not listening,” a source dished to the National Enquirer. “She’s obsessed with becoming the ultimate weed guru.”

Becoming the industry’s “ultimate weed guru,” was no small feat — and Goldberg’s celebrity wasn’t exactly a selling point, given the numerous stars with their own lines. Goldberg was going to have to overcome success enjoyed by current cannabis execs Gwyneth Paltrow, Seth Rogan, Mike Tyson, Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana and Justin Bieber, just to name a few.

“The stakes are very high,” the insider noted, no pun intended.

While Goldberg may have had plenty of fans looking out for her in the show’s season 27 trailer, her time on The View hasn’t exactly been smooth as of late.

Prior to Goldberg horrifying producers — and making her co-hosts blush — after divulging too many details on her past sexual encounters, the comedian was reportedly at odds with co-host Joy Behar, who felt the comedian was wanting too much dough for her role.

Sources claimed that Goldberg was seeking more money back in May, even though she had two years left on her contract.

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