After snatching goodies from a Krispy Kreme delivery truck in Alaska, a mother bear and her cubs recently set out on a doughnut-filled trip in an unexpected turn of events. This adorable story took place on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, a military installation in Anchorage, and it astounded both Krispy Kreme employees and bystanders with its fuzzy antics.

The amusing tale starts with a Krispy Kreme delivery man who, while delivering doughnuts to an express outlet on the military post, momentarily left his truck unattended and open. He had no idea that a mother black bear and her inquisitive cubs often visited this spot.

CNN was told the humorous story by Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s store manager, Shelly Deano. She remembered hearing strange sounds coming from the parked van and quickly figuring out that the bears were getting into the delicious doughnuts inside.

“I told the cub, ‘He’s in the van,’ and he followed,” Deano recalled to CNN. “After that, they just started eating the doughnuts.”

Workers at Krispy Kreme attempted to frighten off the inquisitive guests by pounding on the van amid the sounds of contented bear chomping, but the bears remained unmoved and carried on with their meal.

At last, Deano requested help from base security. According to Alaska’s News Source, they arrived on time and succeeded in luring the bears out of the van by sounding sirens close by.

As the story comes to an end, the count indicates that the bears consumed a feast consisting of twenty packages of doughnut holes and six more packages of chocolate doughnuts in a three-pack. Uninvited yet unforgettable, the guests had undoubtedly experienced an unparalleled Krispy Kreme delight.

The owner of the Muldoon Krispy Kreme location where the doughnuts were produced, Candice Sargeant, expressed her shock at the extraordinary event. “I found it hard to believe,” Sargeant said to CNN. “I was somewhat surprised, to be honest. Bears cannot possibly be in the van’s rear. After that, I thought, “Okay, how can we resolve this?”

Having worked in the doughnut industry for seven years, Sargeant came to the conclusion that this bear robbery was unprecedented. A little lighthearted entertainment in the middle of the beautiful Alaskan tundra was given by the sweet-toothed bears.

This humorous event makes people smile and serves as a reminder of the unexpected encounters that nature can provide, even in the most unlikely of locations. It is especially appreciated by those who appreciate the marvels of the animal kingdom in addition to the deliciousness of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.