John Lydon is only able to eat baby food-style meals as his teeth are falling out.

The 67-year-old former Sex Pistols frontman – who is recovering from the death of wife Nora Forster aged 80 in April after an Alzheimer’s battle – has admitted he is paying the ultimate price for not cleaning his gnashers over the years and is down to liquids and soft foods.

John, aka Johnny Rotten, made the admission on BBC Radio 4 as he hit out at how his titanium teeth implants hadn’t worked – as he failed to take care of them.

He said: “They’re not what they’re cracked up to be. They forgot to mention to me you’re still supposed to brush your teeth.”

“Well, bad things have happened. The gums have receded and the teeth have got nothing of substance to keep hold of.”

“That’s why I’m gritting my teeth when I speak. And I can’t chew hard things, and I shouldn’t anyway.”

Asked during his radio chat if he was on liquid meals, John admitted: “Yes!”

John told the Daily Telegraph he had spent £18,000 fixing his decaying teeth, saying: “It wasn’t vanity that sent me to the dentist. All those rotten teeth were seriously beginning to corrupt my system. I was feeling incredibly ill.

“I was permanently poisoning myself with gum infections. My gums were receding and I was starting to look seriously weird.”

He added at the time: “I’m 52 and I need to survive the next 52 years. So, I don’t lead a madly healthy lifestyle, but it’s not bad.”

John recently said on the ‘XS Noize’ podcast he has kicked drink in honour of his late wife.

He said: “There was three months of non-stop drinking and I wasn’t getting drunk and it wasn’t helping push the sadness away, and I stopped.

“That was hell. But I’m getting better and focusing on doing things right rather than selfishly saddened.

“If Nora is around and she’s looking at me the last thing she wants to see is me crying into a bottle of whiskey.”

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