Police performed a wellness check on Britney Spears Wednesday after she posted worrisome videos of herself dancing with knives, Page Six can confirm.

Captain Dean Worthy of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office tells us Thursday that one of their sergeants — who has dealt with numerous incidents involving the Princess of Pop over the years — responded to the call.

“Somebody close to Britney had seen the video posted on social media, where she’s dancing and twirling with knives in her hands and they were really concerned for her mental well-being,” the public information officer says.


Worthy says police confirmed that the individual, who asked to remain anonymous, had a relationship with Spears and was not just a “fan.”

“We would normally not respond to fans calling in about a celebrity unless we actually believed that there is a credible threat,” the officer says. “However, we vetted this individual through LAPD … and we determined this is someone who knows Britney on a personal basis.”

Worthy also notes that the initial call was made through the Los Angeles Police Department’s Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team (SMART) before being relayed to the sheriff’s office.

When police arrived at Spears’ home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., they spoke to security that was at the house via an intercom. Security let them know that the “Toxic” singer was “fine” and “nothing was going on.”

“They didn’t want to let the officer in to see her physically,” Worthy adds.

After also speaking with Spears’ attorney, the officer says that his team felt that was “sufficient” confirmation for them to be reassured that the Grammy winner was doing OK and “not in any harm.”

“There’s no criminal activity so we’re not going to force ourselves inside the home if there is no crime,” Worthy says. “Being a danger to oneself isn’t a crime. I think we did our due diligence by going and responding and speaking to two people who are close with her who satisfactorily told us she’s fine.”

When asked whether officers were aware of a second video, which showed Spears dancing with a bandage on her arm and blood marks on her body, Worthy declined to comment and noted that he “hadn’t seen that video.”

Page Six has reached out to Spears’ reps for comment but did not immediately hear back.

However, a source tells us exclusively Thursday that the pop icon, 41, was simply being “intentionally provocative” by dancing with knives and paying homage to Shakira’s 2023 VMA performance.

“It was based on the Shakira performance,” the insider claims, offering up the same explanation Spears herself gave when people on social media were alarmed by her blade-carrying booty-shaking.

Britney Spears' caption about her knives video.
Spears claimed people needed to “lighten up” about her knives video.

“She is still flexing wings of freedom after 13 years,” the source concludes, referencing how the “Overprotected” singer is no longer in her controversial conservatorship.

Earlier this year, police were called to Spears’ home after she took her Instagram down and fans became concerned about her.

However, police again confirmed to Page Six at the time that they did not believe the “Oops! …I Did It Again” singer was in “any kind of harm or any kind of danger.”

Spears then slammed the fans who placed the call in the first place, writing via Instagram at the time that they “went a little too far and [her] privacy was invaded.” 

TMZ was first to report the news of cops being called this week.

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