British sports stud David Beckham, 48, and his Posh spice wife, Victoria Beckham, 49, spoke about their old friendship with Tom Cruise, 61 — but the actor has reportedly been frozen out of the action with his former friends-turned-freeloading flakes.

The Top Gun superstar and the Bend It Like Beckham legend were inseparable when the soccer star and his former Spice Girl wife moved to Los Angeles in 2007— but sources insisted that the former friends don’t speak anymore.

“Tom did everything for them when they first moved to L.A. He practically gave them the keys to the city,” an insider told the National Enquirer.

“He threw them a party to meet everyone important, and the moment they were established they chucked him!” the tipster continued.

Getting the 61-year-old to forgive the Brits is reportedly Mission: Impossible.

“He’s still angry and has no intention of being friends again,” an insider said of Cruise making mends with his old pals from across the pond. “David and Victoria tested the waters a while ago, but Tom ignored them — so it makes sense they haven’t invited him to anything.”

“Tom clearly thinks they should have tried harder,” the source added. But the Beckhams reportedly had every reason to run screaming from the famously frenetic actor, who was allegedly desperate to rope them into Scientology.

“What was an issue was the pressure to join Scientology,” the source said while noting Cruise, “Wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

According to the insider, Cruise’s persistence got to the point “where they had no choice but pull away.”

The once close friends were last seen together in 2014 — but sources said they’ve avoided each other ever since.

“It’s clear Tom was hurt by the rejection,” a source claimed.

While the Beckhams haven’t ventured far from the limelight since they started dating at the height of their individual careers in 1997, a new Netflix documentary revitalized the couple’s popularity.

In the documentary, Victoria revealed she was the “most unhappy I have ever been in my entire life” just prior to the couple’s move to Los Angeles. At the time, David was playing for Spanish soccer club Real Madrid — and had was at the center of a cheating scandal in 2003.

Victoria said she “resented” her husband and his career for moving their family around the world at a moments notice. After the tumultuous time in Spain, David signed with the LA Galaxy and the couple moved to Hollywood, where Victoria flourished.

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