With the launch of its “Emergency Pizza” program, Domino’s is bringing together comedy, giving, and a love of pizza to provide customers with the solace of a complimentary medium two-topping pizza for life’s unforeseen turns.

The new program, which was revealed in a press statement, intends to offer a pizza pick-me-up for a variety of unanticipated circumstances. Domino’s believes a free pizza can make everything better, regardless of the situation—whether you burned your dinner, had an unexpected power outage, or discovered your in-laws unexpectedly at your house.

The Emergency Pizza concept was inspired by Kate Trumbull, Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Domino’s, who stated, “We believe everyone needs a pizza pick-me-up at some point, with so much uncertainty in everyday life!” Perhaps choosing when to use your emergency pizza will be the most difficult task.

Customers must do the following actions in order to be eligible for the Emergency Pizza program and receive free pizza in those unforeseen circumstances:

Place a Qualifying Online purchase: Clients must purchase digital carryout or delivery online for $7.99 or more. Upon order confirmation, they will be entitled to a Domino's Emergency Pizza automatically.

Claim the Emergency Pizza: Within seven days of placing their order, customers must log in or sign up for Domino's Rewards. This is an essential step in order to redeem their Domino's Emergency Pizza.

Redeem the deal: To redeem the Emergency Pizza deal, users must go to the "My Deals & Rewards" tab under their Domino's Rewards account within 30 days.

Customers can take advantage of the discount from now until February 11, 2024. During this time, those who meet the requirements can enjoy the delight of free pizza for a variety of life emergencies.

With the addition of a humorous element, Domino’s Emergency Pizza program lightens up the brand’s customer engagement approach while providing delicious food and a helping hand in navigating life’s unpredictable circumstances.

Therefore, Domino’s is prepared to offer not just pizza but also a delectable remedy for life’s tiny setbacks, whether it’s a kitchen accident, an unexpected outage, or unexpected guests.