Quentin Tarantino made a “surprise” visit to southern Israel in recent days, touring military bases and posing for photos with residents and soldiers, according to a pro-Israel nonprofit.

California-based StandWithUs said on Instagram this week that the Inglorious Basterds filmmaker’s appearance had been a “bright moment during a dark time.” News of his visit first emerged last Friday, with reports saying the director had gone to a base to boost IDF morale and “show solidarity.”

Around that time, a TikTok user shared a video of what appeared to be a brief encounter with Tarantino on a base. “I feel there is a glitch in the system,” the user wrote in Hebrew alongside the clip.


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A representative for the 60-year-old declined to comment to The Hollywood Reporter.

Though he reportedly maintains homes in both New York and California, Tarantino spends much of his time in Tel Aviv, where he lives with his wife, Israeli singer Daniella Pick.

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