The two teens accused of fatally mowing down a retired police chief were also caught on video running over another bicyclist earlier in the day.

In the new footage, Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, are seen driving in a stolen car down the street and coming up fast behind the helmet-wearing cyclist. One of the teens starts giggling while repeatedly saying, “Bump him.”

Moments later, the car intentionally crashes into the biker, knocking him to the ground, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Luckily, the 72-year-old victim was not seriously hurt, suffering only a knee injury.

The clip then cuts to images of the suspects — one of whom is wearing a face mask—running from the cops in marked police vehicles.

Another part of the footage shows a police officer talking with one of the suspects sitting in the backseat of a moving patrol car after he’s been captured.

The cop informs the teen they have tons of evidence against him, citing surveillance footage while mentioning his accomplice ratted him out.


As previously reported, Ayala and Keys were arrested August 14 after they fatally ran over retired police chief Andreas Probst who was on his bicycle, police said.

The pair recorded themselves deliberately striking 66-year-old Probst after they seemingly filmed their role in the non-fatal hit-and-run earlier in the day.

A grand jury has indicted them on charges of murder, attempted murder, failing to stop at a scene of a crash and grand larceny of a vehicle.

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