There have been several reports lately that Prince Harry has been house hunting in the U.K. and wants to move back there at least part-time. However, some royal watchers don’t think that makes any sense considering that the Duke of Sussex has burnt a lot of bridges and the Sussexes’ popularity in Britain is at an all-time low.

Moreover, the chance of the prince ever returning to the royal fold seems out of the question. Harry admitted that much during the last big royal event he was at when he was caught saying he was “fed up” and done trying to “talk” with his estranged family members. Here’s what a lip reader observed him saying and when.

What Prince Harry told Princess Eugenie’s husband about being ‘fed up’

On May 6, 2023, Prince Harry attended King Charles III’s coronation and was seen chatting with his cousin Princess Eugenie‘s husband, Jack Brooksbank. A professional lip reader decoded what Harry said to Brooksbank as they waited for the ceremony to get underway.

The lip-reading expert told the Daily Star that Brooksbank had a question about Harry’s wife Meghan asking: “And is she?” To which the duke nodded and replied: “It’s not ideal.”

According to the expert, Brooksbank then said: “If it makes you feel any better even I can do it. It’s not quite the life, is it?” The prince shook his head before Brooksbank added: “I haven’t had time for that, not if it’s over.” Harry then responded: “It’s an eventuality.”

The lip reader could only decipher bits and pieces of their conversation because so many other people were walking in front of them. And while it’s not clear what they were discussing, there’s no mistaking that the Duke of Sussex was referring to his dad or sibling when he brought up a “meeting” and insisted he was “fed up.”

The lip reader noted that Brooksbank asked Harry: “The meeting?” and the royal replied: “It’s sad. I’m fed up. I’ve tried talking to him.”

Prince Harry didn’t appear comfortable during the coronation ceremony

It wasn’t just lip readers who had their eyes on Prince Harry the day of his father’s coronation, other experts were analyzing the duke’s every move as well.

Body language and behavioral expert Judi James noticed that Harry didn’t appear comfortable when the coronation ceremony began as King Charles and Prince William arrived.

“As Harry waited in his seat for his father and brother to arrive there were some subliminal signs of building tension or anxiety,” James explained, adding that “[Harry] sucked his lips in and licked them and his blink rate increased, suggesting adrenaline prompted by nerves.”

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