Luis Diaz’s parents have been kidnapped in Colombia, according to numerous reports.

They were reportedly stopped by men on motorbikes and taken hostage in the car they were traveling in while conflicting reports also state: “However, other information and these are the versions that the authorities are trying to confirm indicate that the soccer player’s parents were watching a game, when armed men arrived and forced them to get into the truck and took them away . a stranger.”

It happened on Saturday afternoon local time, in the Barrancas area, Guajira, Colombia.

The story was exclusively reported by Vicky Dàvila.

The Liverpool forward’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, has already been rescued by authorities.

Colombian general, William Salamanca, said:

“Let’s continue searching for the soccer player’s father, we already have the mother.”

Diaz is extremely close to both of his parents and regular shares photographs of them on social media.

Our thoughts are with the whole Diaz family and this time.

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