Imagine you’re standing in a large field and there’s hundreds of others standing with you.

The not-so-faint noise of helicopter hovers above you that is carrying a shipping container.

Then, with the flick of a button, one million dollars in single bills drops from the sky.

It would be chaos, surely?

Everyone would be scrambling around trying to pick up as many notes as possible.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Czech TV star Kamil Bartošek pulled off one hell of a stunt.

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Bartošek had people enter a competition to win a certain prize and instead of picking just one winner, he revealed that they would all get a chance at glory.

According to the Daily Mail, applicants received an email and they were told where to be at a certain time.

Bartošek posted a video showing his staff chuck QR codes on every single bill, which would have been an absolute nightmare to pull off.

You could see the minions stuff the money into the container.

Videos have now been circulating on social media of the moment when the cash was dropped onto the masses below and it was nothing short of incredible.

It’s not every day you get to see $1 million fall from the sky and it’s safe to say that pandemonium ensued as the money got closer to the ground.

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People could be seen snatching into the air as well as swiping the bills from the ground.

It’s hard to know what strategy would be best in a scenario like that.

Do you just have you arms open wide and see how much you get, or try to individually pick up each note?

What’s bizarre is that when the shipping container eventually opened, you could see a lot of the cash disperse into the air and lightly fall towards the earth.

However, there were other huge chunks of cash that fell as a collective and dropped very fast.

You wouldn’t want to be underneath that clump when it drops onto your head. Or do you?

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