Four American children have gone missing in Mexico hours after leaving a house, sparking a major search.

The children, all siblings, are originally from South Dakota and are identified as Elías, Madahi, Ismael, and Isaac Gómez Herrera Luis Mendoza, aged 9 and 12. All of them are US citizens.

According to official reports from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Chihuahua, the four siblings left their home in the town of Lázaro Cárdenas, Meoqui, in Mexico on October 28 and haven’t been seen since.

Meoqui is about 46 miles southeast of Chihuahua City, and about 283 miles away from the US-Mexico border.

Authorities revealed details of the appearance of each sibling in order to facilitate their identification.

Ismael, 12, stands at a height of 4’7″ and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. He has a light brown complexion and a slim build. His distinct features include his short, straight, dark brown hair that compliments his light brown oval-shaped eyes. He has an oval face, a straight nose, and a medium-sized, asymmetrical mouth. Notably, Ismael wears a girdle due to a hip injury.

Isaac, also 12, wears glasses. Standing at a height of 4’7″ and having a thin build, Isaac has a light tan complexion. His short, straight, dark brown hair frames an oval-shaped face, accentuating his light brown, oval eyes. His nose is straight, and he has a medium-sized, asymmetrical mouth.

Madahi, also 12, has a height of 4’7″ and an approximate weight of 110 pounds. He has a light brown complexion and a slim build, and his hair is short and straight, dark brown. His eyes are light brown and oval-shaped, and he has an oval face with a straight nose and a medium, asymmetrical mouth.

And finally, Elías, aged 9, has a height of 4’8″ and weighs approximately 132 pounds. He has a robust build and distinctive features, including his short, broken, dark brown hair that compliments his light brown eyes. His face is oval-shaped, and he has a straight, small nose and a small, asymmetrical mouth with thick lips. Notably, Elias has dental crowns on his molars, and he has a large mole on the front of his left thigh, which could aid in his identification.

Unfortunately, details about the children’s clothing at the time of disappearance are unknown. Authorities urge anyone with information on the children’s whereabouts to call 911.

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