Italy’s capital has been overrun by swarms of giant Asian hornets that carry a painful sting capable of leaving a full-grown man  in agony “unable to walk”.

Rome is experiencing an explosion the aggressive hornets with giant nests cropping up across the city.

Heat and discarded rubbish have been blamed for the infestation with experts warning the factors have combined to turn Rome into a perfect breeding ground.

One Roman resident was reportedly left needing crushes after being strung on the foot by one of the hornets. 

Italian zoologist Andrea Lunerti has noted the hornets appear to be “bigger and more frightening”.

Lunerti told the Guardian: “This year we have seen more Queen oriental hornets, who are mating with males perhaps from other colonies.

“The Queens are much bigger and more frightening – they do not have the traditional dimensions of other wasps flying around the city.”

Campi de’ Fiori resident Andrea Velardi was left in agony when a sting from a hornet caused his foot to swell up so bad he was left “unable to walk.”

Velardi recalled realizing that the sting was from no ordinary hornet or wasp. 

“This summer definitely marked a turning point.”

“Other than the nests, the hornets are continuously invading open spaces like terraces and terrifying people, especially if there’s food.

“It’s impossible to enjoy having a snack on a terrace nowadays.”

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