The musician uploaded the video to social media, remarking, ‘This is why you can’t trust people.’

Comments online are condemning one selfish mom for pouring out the entire bowl of Halloween candy that was left outside a Texas home in a matter of seconds so that she and her children could take it. Country music star Cody Tate captured the candy-takers on his ring camera after he set out a generous helping of candy for trick-or-treaters so that he could settle in at home and watch the World Series quietly without being disturbed.

It was clear that an unidentified woman, however, did not pay much attention to his sign explicitly instructing people to take only one piece of candy from the table. The video shows her racing to the bowl of sweet treats with a group of kids, all of whom grab handfuls of sweets and shove them into their bags as they scramble to grab hold of them.

Despite the camera’s presence, the smug woman dressed in a gray hoodie, perhaps the kids’ mother, ensures that everyone’s bags are overflowing and looks at the bowl one last time before leaving and taking off with the rebel group. Despite Tate’s distress, he was quick to upload the video on Instagram and said, “This is why you can’t trust people,” saying he was particularly appalled that adults behaved in this manner.

In Tate’s caption, he states that their actions on Halloween ruined the trick-or-treating experience for everyone else who came by that night. “And this is why you can’t trust people. If you know who it is, share. I figured it would happen, but not with adults. Now, all the kids after these people can’t have any candy.”

His followers were encouraged to repost the clip in an attempt to find the perpetrators who, he pointed out, spoiled Halloween for all the other kids who had not yet come by to get candy. As it turned out, Tate’s kind-hearted neighbor had witnessed the candy grab in real time and responded by coming over to restock the bowl.

It wasn’t too long after this that Tate posted a second video on his Instagram story in which one of his neighbors is seen filling the empty bowl outside his house with a bag of candy. Tate captioned it, “There are still good people out there! Neighbor Scott for Halloween MVP!”

As of now, no members of the family have been identified, and it is not known whether they are also neighbors or if they were going door-to-door trick-or-treating. Tate is the lead guitarist for Whiskey Myers, a Texas-based rock/country band active since 2007.

Watch the footage below: