Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to California to escape royal life, but will Prince William and Kate Middleton’s plans to expand their work to the U.S. disrupt the Sussexes’ careers in Tinseltown?

It was revealed that the Prince and Princess of Wales filed to trademark The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As the Wales began to tap into their global coterie, insiders claimed the Sussexes were “fuming” over it.

“You’d be surprised how many big stars reached out to William and Kate to let them know they have their support amid this feud with Harry and Meghan,” the source told an outlet.

Although Meghan and Harry were embraced by many entertainment professionals, some A-listers wish to befriend the U.K.-based pair instead.

“They may have moved to California, but it’s William and Kate who had the most support out there, and there is a certain level of smugness about that,” the insider explained.

Despite the years of tension between the group, who were once dubbed the “Fab Four,” the anonymous friend claimed William and Kate always intended to bring their humanitarian efforts to the U.S.

“They insist that they’d be doing this regardless of where the Sussexes live, but there is no doubt they’ll enjoy showing Meghan and Harry how Hollywood is still very much obsessed with all things royal,” the insider added. “Everyone wants to be around them.”

Public relations expert Andy Barr analyzed how the Sussexes’ popularity in Hollywood differs from the future king and queen.

“Whilst Harry and Meghan have a powerful and well-established network of celebrity friends and ‘fixers,’ there is no substitute for being an actual, fully paid up member of the royal family,” Barr told an outlet. “The global interest and intrigue in the British royal family means that they are guaranteed crowds wherever they go and whatever they do.”

Throughout their time in America, Meghan and Harry have publicly struggled to establish themselves as television producers, but William and Kate will have an easier time navigating coveted social circles. Meghan and Harry quickly aligned themselves with celebrated figures such as Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé, but Barr believes other big names prefer to have a proximity to The Firm.

William and Kate will “instantly be injected into the kinds of high society connections and opportunities that even top-level A-List celebrities like Meghan and Harry would be jealous of,” Barr noted.

“You only have to watch their every interaction to see that Kate and William are clearly super competitive and if you combine that and the royal publicity machine in full swing, you can’t see much getting in there,” he added.

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