One New Hampshire lawmaker wants to make it legal for Granite State residents to own kangaroos.

Representative Tom Mannion filed a legislative service request last month.

The proposal would allow for people to own kangaroos, small-tailed monkeys, raccoons, foxes, and otters.

Thirteen other states have already legalized kangaroo ownership, including Maine.

Mannion said he opted to submit the bill on behalf of a constituent who reached out on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

The Republican representing Hillsborough 1 said he supports “no permit required” kangaroo ownership.

He credited social media for bringing attention to the issue and said “we can take a step forward with liberty-via-Twitter activism!”

Rep. Michael Granger is proposing a bill that would legalize kangaroo farming. The New Hampshire group “Free State Food Network” said this should be the “next step.”

The group says kangaroo farming has advantages that are beneficial to farms.

“The future for kangaroo ownership and farming in New Hampshire is brimming with promise, offering a unique path to economic growth, local food production, and a vibrant, sustainable future for the Granite State,” the group said. 

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