Barton Cowperthwaite has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

The Tiny Pretty Things actor, 31, revealed in an Instagram post on Friday that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor the day prior and will undergo brain surgery to remove it.

“So…. Yesterday I was diagnosed with at least a stage 2 Glioma,” Cowperthwaite wrote in his post, also noting that it was a “fairly decent sized brain tumor” and that “it’s not spread” to “anywhere else in the body.”

Glioma is a common type of tumor originating in the brain, and gliomas make up about 33% of all brain tumors, according to John Hopkins Medicine. Glioma originates in glial cells that surround and support neurons in the brain, per the website. 

Barton Cowperthwaite Reveals Stage 2 Brain Cancer
Barton Cowperthwaite.Barton Cowperthwaite/Instagram

“The only course of treatment for something like this is brain surgery,” Cowperthwaite continued. “Docs so far have been confident that they’ll be able to remove most of the tumor, and that after a successful operation, and some rehab, I will be operating like my (amazing, talented, brilliant, hilarious) self.” 

He added that this diagnosis likely means that “scans and check ups” will be “a part” of the rest of his life, and he noted that he and his family will take “several days to get second opinions.”

“Planning to go into surgery [in the] middle or end of next week. I’ll do my best to be open about the journey on here,” Cowperthwaite wrote. “I am planning on fully bouncing back to be better than my former glory!” 

Barton Cowperthwaite Reveals Stage 2 Brain Cancer
Barton Cowperthwaite’s brain scan.Barton Cowperthwaite/Instagram

“Please feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to stay connected with as many people as I can,” he concluded the post. “All my love 💙”

Alongside the message, Cowperthwaite shared a photo of himself throwing up a peace sign in a hospital gown. He also shared two photo scans of his brain that showed the large tumor growing in the upper hemisphere of his skull. 

Cowperthwaite starred in smaller roles in a handful of TV shows like Girls5eva and Center Stage: On Pointe before making his big break on Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things as Oren Lennox. He also starred in the film Imposters.

In the comments section of his post, his Tiny Pretty Things costar Casimere Jollette wrote, “Love you Bart. Sending so much healing to you. You got this.” 

Outer Banks‘ actor Rudy Pankow also commented, writing: “YOU are unstoppable man. Yes, it’s a major entry in life you’re going through but not without the support of many through it💪🏽 unstoppable.”

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