RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained the horrifying 911 police dispatch call where Home Improvement star Zachery Ty Bryan is accused of accidentally hitting his child during a July 28 domestic dispute.

The 911 call was bizarrely made by a man who identified himself as the boyfriend of Johnnie Cartwright’s cousin. He claimed he was called in to protect the family after the disgraced actor allegedly attacked Cartwright, who is the mother of the three children, which include a 2-year-old and 1-year-old twins.

“My girlfriend’s cousin got into an altercation with her boyfriend,” the man told the 911 dispatcher during the incident in Eugene, Oregon. “I guess he hit her and that’s when he hit the kid and then head-butted her dad and stole his phone.”

When the confused dispatcher asked for clarification, the man said, “He hit her, accidentally hit the kid that was in her arms. And then when her father tried to stop him, I guess, he headbutt him in the head, knocked him down, and stole his phone.”

Cartwright was holding her two-year-old daughter, according to the police report.

“So, they asked me to come over in case he comes back, or as I was walking in, I see him at the end of the driveway talking to one of the neighbors.”

At one point, when the dispatcher asked the caller to identify the suspect, the man stated, “Yeah, he was on that show ‘Tool Time.’”

The dispatcher then recommended that the man remain inside the home with the victims, lock the doors, and “call 911 right away” if Bryan attempts to re-enter the house.

As previosuly reported, a handcuffed Bryan, 42, was caught on tape in the back of a patrol car accusing Cartwright, 30, of being a “manipulating piece of s—,” who allegedly plotted to put him behind bars.

“They’re pathological liars,” Bryan gripped in the video exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com. “The reality is that she can’t have me, and she’s trying to put me in jail for it.”

“I mean, you guys need to, like, look into, like, the real problem,” he blathered. “These girls are the problems. They literally suck you in and f— you dry, Dude.”

Bryan eventually pled guilty to assault in the fourth degree with domestic violence specification last month. He was sentenced to seven days in county lockup and three years’ probation.

It marked the second domestic violence conviction for Bryan, who also pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and menacing following a 2020 incident involving Cartwright. He claimed that the incident “got so blown out of proportion” in a brazen interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

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