Storm, whose band Maverick City Music is nominated for a Grammy, was recently on a Delta Airlines flight when she decided to do a mini performance for her fellow passengers.

But the airline staff weren’t overly enthused about her singing, with one member being filmed and telling the 36-year-old songstress to ‘sit down’ and ‘be quiet’.

Standing in the aisle talking to the crew member, Storm innocently puts her hands up as she proceeds to make her way back to her seat as ordered.

Addressing the passengers, Storm went on to tell them of her music and her Grammy nominations.

The same flight attendant as before then asks her: “Are you going to be quiet?”

Insisting that everyone is ‘enjoying it’, he replies: “But I’m not enjoying it, so I’m asking you, can you be quiet?”

He then threatens that if Storm didn’t follow his instructions, she wouldn’t be able to take the flight.

The flight attendant then walks off, but Storm proceeds to sing to her surrounding passengers in hushed tones.

The video shared by Storm in recent days has since sparked an online debate about who was in the wrong – her or the flight attendant.


@bobbi_storm Oooooooooi watching this back | have came a loooooooong way! | been into it with a flight attendant before in which resulted in a major airline calling to bribe me with miles and apologize and I wasn't even singing on it…l was just black and she had a bad day. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm glad I got to share this moment with people on this flight that embraced me and celebrated with me. I want to post this for people who have momentary power… It gets us no where being nasty and I'll leave that there! Blessings to you all from your #FearlessFlightSinger #TheMaverickWay #WeCantForgetHim #grammys ♬ original sound – bobbi_storm

“I didn’t pay for a concert I paid for a seat to rest for my damn flight,” wrote one person.

Another added: “I’m sorry, but he was not wrong. The plane is not your stage. It’s a time and place for everything.”

Meanwhile, others felt that the attendant was in the wrong.

“Lmao he was trippin nobody was complaining about you except him. What a hater! Keep singing girl!” said one fan of Storm’s music.

“As a retired flight attendant the way you were treated was unacceptable. You need to report him!” said another.

In a separate Instagram post posted after the viral clip, Storm said that Delta has since been in touch with her about the ordeal.


Delta airlines experience with flight attendant (update)

♬ original sound – bobbi_storm

In the clip, she says she doesn’t want the attendant in the video to be reprimanded, but hopes he learns ‘a valuable lesson on how to treat people’.

The airline also reportedly apologized to the Maverick City singer.

“There was no rules being broken,” she goes on.

“It was just me spreading my joy after people gave me the go to do so.”

In a statement to UNILAD, Delta confirmed that it has been in touch with the songstress.

A spokesperson said: “Delta has been in contact with the customer.

“For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”

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