Former NFL star and convicted felon O.J. Simpson has revealed his dating preference—and that is women who have “granddaddy issues.”

Appearing on an episode of the It Is What It Is sports podcast hosted by rappers Ma$e (Mason Betha), Cam’ron (Cam’ron Giles), and TV personality Treasure Wilson, the NFL Hall of Famer discussed his dating life.

Simpson, 76, was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, but later found responsible for their deaths in a civil lawsuit in 1995. Since getting out of prison in late 2017, he has occasionally spoken out about social and political issues. Then in September 2023, he was named the official football analyst of It Is What It Is.

On his November 13 appearance on the show, he told the hosts that he often ventures to South Beach in Miami, which is where he meets “good-looking women” at clubs and bars.

“I’ve got to get an itinerary, because you’re moving around like you’re younger than me,” Cam’ron said.

Simpson responded: “Well you’d be surprised by how many girls have father issues and grandaddy issues. You’d be shocked by how many of them girls have grandaddy issues.”

Before they discussed the sports topics of the day, Cam’ron said he wanted an example of “a female that had a granddaddy issue” that Simpson had encountered.

“This was from New Hampshire, it was one I liked, so I’ve got to say I did like her. It wasn’t a fleeting thing, I mean it lasted at least three days…she had to go back to school,” Simpson responded, with laughs from the hosts.

Cam’ron said if he wanted to go out and “get some girls” he should bring Simpson with him.

Simpson added: “Yeah well if you want some fresh new girls, you know what I mean.”

Newsweek reached out to KPS Films and Media, producers of It Is What It Is, via email and Simpson via social media for comment Tuesday.

People on X, formerly Twitter, and YouTube shared their thoughts on the exchange, with many loving the addition of Simpson on the show.

“I can’t even imagine this show without O.J. now! Perfect fit for this,” one person wrote online.

“I love how wild O.J. is,” said another.

A third added: “You can see how the chemistry between O.J. and the three has grown from now and his week on the show. Love to see it.”

However, others weren’t impressed with the comments made, pointing out the fact that Simpson was found responsible for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman.

“Man killed two people and living life like it’s nothing. Cam should be ashamed,” a viewer commented.

“Love the juice, but this is kinda cringe,” another person wrote.