New heartbreaking details are being revealed about that fatal ferry crash in the Bahamas.

The 75-year-old grandmother who lost her life paid for her entire family to take that getaway to the Bahamas. 

Video from the scene showed the chaos as people frantically scrambled around, unsure about what to do  or where to go.  

Most jumped into the water, but now we are learning more about the woman who lost her life.

Gayle Jarrett relied on her oxygen tank to live, and that oxygen tank fell into the ocean as the boat lurched and started to capsize.

According to her granddaughter Kayla, when the crew brought the family the ferry’s oxygen tank, it could not be turned on.

“The oxygen they received needed a wrench and no one had one,” Kayla tells Inside Edition. “So the emergency oxygen we received was useless.”

Grandma Gayle, as she was known, paid for her whole family to take a cruise to the Bahamas that week,

The group was on an excursion when the ferry began to take on water.  

Kayla blames the crew and says most of them abandoned ship.  

She says that she believes her grandmother’s death could have been prevented that day.

“The first people off the ship was most of the crew. They did not stay behind to help anybody,” claims Kayla. “The only crew around was the captain and he was trying to keep the boat afloat.”

Kayla, a mother herself, had two children including an infant to take care of, so she says she reluctantly left her grandmother with the captain.

“When the captain decided to head over to where my grandma was, that’s when I told my grandma: ‘I love you grandma, I have to get these kids off. The captain is going to help you,'” says Kayla.

It would be last time she ever saw Grandma Gayle alive.

Kayla believes lack of oxygen caused her grandmother’s death, but admits she has not seen an autopsy report.

“She was very loved she had the biggest heart,” Kayla says. “It was a tragedy to lose her because she was the heart of the family.”

The ferry company has not responded to Inside Edition’s request for comment.