Jun Song, the winner of ‘Big Brother’ Season 4, has been facing every mother’s worst nightmare after her son fell seriously ill … and she’s asking the public for help.

The former reality TV star recently revealed that her little boy, Noah, has had a lengthy stay at a hospital lately … all over a meningitis diagnosis that took its toll and left him in a medical bed for nearly two weeks.

After sharing an image of her 11-year-old hooked up to a hospital ventilator, Song has now sought out financial assistance on GoFundMe … emotionally reflecting on Noah falling ill with what she thought was the flu — but which turned out to be mycoplasma pneumoniae that spiraled into the deadly viral infection.

She says the slowest hours of her life were watching him lose consciousness and lay in the children’s ICU, where she had no idea if he’d be left with permanent brain damage or whether he’d even wake up.

Song says it took 11 days for Noah to return to everyday tasks, such as going to the bathroom and eating solid food … and while it sounds like he’s been released, their family isn’t out of the woods just yet.

As a result of all the work that was done on Noah … his mom says there’s a massive bill she has to deal with — and her insurance doesn’t cover a majority of it. As a single mom, she’s now trying to raise money to help with her tab.

Jun explains she always knew life would be hard but didn’t expect the avalanches of hardships tossed her way … and after years of helping others, hopes to be on the receiving end of assistance during this challenging time.

Jun Song and Noah
Jun Song and noah