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Chick-fil-A Just Announced A Major Change To It’s Drive-Thru

Have you ever planned to grab for lunch and thought going through the drive-thru would make it a quick trip, only to pull up to a long line of cars that seemingly moves like molasses? You’re definitely not alone—and luckily, the popular fast food restaurant is now testing a solution at select stores: express drive-thru lanes. That’s right! At the specific locations

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Crisis: NYC Sends in the Goats

More than a dozen goats journeyed to Riverside Park in New York City on Wednesday to feast on weeds, a chemical-free way to remove invasive species while adding to the joys of nature. The furry visitors arrived in Manhattan from Green Goats farm in Rhinebeck, New York, earlier in the day to gobble up overgrown brush – even species dangerous

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How Americans Are Dealing with Inflation

U.S. shoppers are taking creative steps to stay afloat amid soaring inflation. Five shoppers told The New York Times that they’re doing everything from dodging expensive meats and watching their gas tank, to bargain hunting and canceling subscriptions. Judd Stark, a film publicist based out of California, told The Times he recently took off a week of vacation days to save on

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Disney is selling a $5,000 drink

The time has finally come! The Disney Wish arrived at Port Canaveral earlier this month and today we finally got a hands-on look at all the amenities, features, and experiences of the new ship. The Wish features Broadway-style shows, a watercoaster, kids clubs, an adults-only Star Wars bar, and dining options inspired by Frozen (2013), Princess and the Frog (2009), and more. Fans have also

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Is Elon Musk Missing?

An avid Twitter user, and possibly the future owner of the microblogging site, Elon Musk has not tweeted for over a week. On Tuesday, the SpaceX CEO received hundreds of birthday wishes online from fans and family members, but he replied to none. The world’s richest man has spent a considerable amount of time on the social media app, tweeting

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Subway Worker Killed Over Mayo

If you recall, last month we covered a story about a delivery man was killed for forgetting duck sauce. Customer service is becoming a dangerous game. Atlanta police are investigating a shooting that has left one woman dead and another in critical condition at a metro Atlanta Subway store. The reason for the shooting? Too much mayonnaise on a sandwich,

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